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Examining Our School System

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Hour 1: Our education system is charged with taking kids from a variety of backgrounds and molding them into productive members of society. It’s a big job with plenty of challenges. We’ll explore the current questions that face our schools this hour with UCLA professor Mike Rose, author of Why School?: Reclaiming Education For All Of Us (The New Press).

  • Much of your discussion reminds me of Howard Gardner’s FAMES OF INTELLIGENCE. Thanks for looking at the big picture. [teacher 43 yrs ]

  • James Alias

    This guy doesn’t know what he is talking about for veterans. Today’s veterans are highly skilled and intelligent for the most part. We are not the Vietnam era draftees that he was knowledgeable with. While I was on active duty as an enlisted airman I not only completed my undergraduate degree but my masters.

    The support veterans need in education is other veterans as in the military you are family. You are depend upon your buddies to do the impossible, and college education in comparison is a walk in the park.

    He also doesn’t realize our school system for primary education was created around the farming community which hasn’t existed for over 100 years, yet we still treat education as it is. Education should be year round bottom line.

    Paying living wage would help parents and kids, but not as much as you think when schools fail. I was a very bright child that was let down by both my uneducated poor parents and by a failed educational system that taught at the pace of the slowest kid in the class instead of the fastest forcing everyone to achieve higher and compete harder.

    Also we need to make a 2 tier school system starting in middle school where we direct some children to technical careers versus sending them to a 4 year college where they will never complete it, or do so with poor grades.

    I was totally disappointed at your guest today.