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Talkin’ Texas Politics

Think 3 Comments on Talkin’ Texas Politics 420

Hour 1:           Texas has been home to a number of strong political forces throughout its history, from the Jeffersonian Democrats of the 1930s to the Tea Party of today. We’ll talk this hour about how the state’s political landscape has taken shape with Collin College history professors Michael Phillips and Kyle Wilkison. Their new book is The Texas Right: The Radical Roots of Lone Star Conservatism (Texas A&M University Press).

  • Robert J. Crawford

    Beyond their analyses, it was just as interesting listening to the caveats the authors were making for the Texas audience, e.g. apologies regarding their references to human evolution – only in the Bible Belt would this be viewed as “controversial”.

    Texas, in a word, lives in its own world because it is isolated and affluent enough that it can preserve its arrogance unchallenged. The guests challenged much of this in their muted way and I applaud them for it.

    Thanks for a fascinating discussion (which I listened to while walking around Brussels). I have been a fan of this show for years and listen at least once a week while riding my mountain bike in the French Alps. It keeps me connected to America.

    • Cristian Pena

      Robert, I completely agree with you. This is a frustration one does not freely express in a predominantly conservative state (I happen to live in the most conservative district in Texas… even worse). Dr. Wilkison was actually my professor for honors history and the most respectable trait he had was his willingness to challenge societal norms and “Texas Chauvinism” (love the use of that word). I did notice that Wilkison was a bit more careful with his word choice on this panel however. I don’t think it was for fear of offending good ol’ right wingers… not many of them listen to NPR.

      I’m thoroughly jealous of your scenery… instead of enjoying the wondrous topography of the French alps, I listen to “Think” while stuck in traffic on 75 surrounded by trucks with bumper stickers promoting the impeachment of Obama. Hopefully you are choosing to connect to a different America than I.

      • Robert J. Crawford

        Yes, we chose to live in an amazing setting, but I travel a lot for my work. I did a gig in Dallas a few years ago, a reporting thing at Best Buy, so got to know it a bit. The vehemence of Obama hatred – the denial of all legitimacy, etc. – is frightening to behold. It has become so polarized that it is difficult to find conservatives with whom to genuinely dialogue without degenerating into namecalling or pure partisan bickering.