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Kids These Days  April 9, 2014

Hour 1: Are kids today more spoiled than in the past? We’ll find out with Alfie Kohn, author of “The Myth of the Spoiled Child: Challenging the Conventional Wisdom About Children and Parenting.”

Cold War Relations  April 9, 2014

Hour 1: Suzanne Massie helped stabilize America’s relationship with Russians during the Cold War. We’ll talk with her about how she helped shape American strategy during those turbulent years, which she writes about in her new memoir, “Trust But Verify: Reagan, Russia and Me.”

America’s Debt Issues  April 8, 2014

Hour 1: What can we learn from times when America practiced responsible financial borrowing? We’ll spend this hour with former Houston mayor Bill White talking about this topic and his new book “America’s Fiscal Constitution: Its Triumph and Collapse.”

Dallas Neighborhood Hotspots  April 8, 2014

Hour 2: Which Dallas neighborhoods are on the rise? We’ll find out this hour with a panel of local architects and urban planners ahead of tonight’s Dallas Architecture Forum discussion, “Dallas’ Emerging Neighborhood Hotspots: Will They Survive?”

What About Pakistan?  April 7, 2014

Hour 2: The American military has been deployed to Afghanistan for more than a decade. But have our troops been in the right place?

Big Brother, In Your Pocket  April 7, 2014

Hour 1: As our computers and smartphones get to know us, they’re also developing the ability to predict our actions with increasing accuracy.

Dallas Faces Race  April 3, 2014

Hour 1: We’ll discuss the topic of equality and race with NPR science correspondent Shankar Vedantam, who is a part of the Dallas Faces Race forum.

The Joke’s On You  April 3, 2014

We’ll talk this hour about the history of practical jokes with the author of Pranksters: Making Mischief in the Modern World.

Who Has The Time?  April 2, 2014

Hour 1: Finding down time can be a hard thing to manage when you’re busy. Brigid Schulte, author of “Overwhelmed: Work, Love, and Play When No One Has the Time,” joins us to talk about the obstacles people face when trying to make room for leisure time.

The Wild West  April 2, 2014

Hour 2: We’ll speak to TCU professor Steven Woodworth, who is featured in the PBS documentary “Civil War: The Untold Story,” about the important Civil War battles that took place in the west.

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