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Capital Punishment In Texas  September 25, 2013

How does Texas decide who will die for their crimes, and how might the state keep from executing innocent people?

The Last Affair of Scott And Zelda  September 24, 2013

What did it cost for F. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald to “love first and live incidentally,” in the words of the literary darling’s muse?

Party Of One  September 24, 2013

More than 32 million Americans live alone. The growing trend of single-dwelling is even stronger in Europe and Japan. What makes these one-person households so sustainable and popular?

How The Other Half Still Lives  September 23, 2013

In a country that promises wealth and security, why are so many people still poor?

Major Depression, In The Vernacular  September 23, 2013

Of the public tragedies in our lifetimes, few threatened the emotional well-being of Americans like 9-11.

Religion In An American Prison  September 19, 2013
Down In The Chapel

A prison sentence and the path to spiritual and religious redemption may go hand-in-hand in the movies, but what about real life?

A Conversation About Race  September 19, 2013
Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings with Conversations about Race co-chairs Elba Garcia, the Dallas County Commissioner, and Dwaine Caraway, the Dallas City Council member. Photo Credit: BJ Austin/KERA News

This hour we’ll preview this weekend’s City of Dallas “Conversation about Race” with Dallas City Council Member Dwaine R. Caraway and Dallas County Commissioner Dr. Elba Garcia.

México Inside Out  September 18, 2013

How are artists engaging with the changing social and political landscape in México and how is the world responding?

War Play  September 18, 2013

Virtual training, video games, drones and other cutting-edge technological innovations are changing the way soldiers do their jobs like never before.

Mental Illness And The Criminal Justice System  September 17, 2013

How are the courts and mental health service providers working to solve the issue of mental illness in the criminal justice system?

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