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Of Mice and Men – Fort Worth Opera’s 2008 Festival  June 2, 2008

It’s opera time in Cowtown once again. We’ll kick-off the final week of the Fort Worth Opera’s 2008 Festival this hour with composer Carlisle Floyd and “Of Mice and Men” star Anthony Dean Griffey.

The Past, Present and Future of the CIA  May 29, 2008

How much power does the Central Intelligence Agency really wield and what will be its role in the coming years? We’ll explore the past, present and future of the CIA this hour with two-time Pulitzer Prize-winner Tim Weiner, who’s in …

Ad??lie Penguins and the Warming of Antarctica  May 29, 2008

How quickly is climate change progressing? We’ll discuss the rapid changes in the Earth’s coldest regions this hour with Meredith Hooper, author of “The Ferocious Summer: Ad??lie Penguins and the Warming of Antarctica” (Greystone Books, 2008).

How Lying, Secrecy, and Hypocrisy Collide with Truth in Law  May 28, 2008

How important is honesty? We’ll explore the issue this hour with Steven Lubet, the Williams Memorial Professor of Law at Northwestern University and author of the new book “The Importance of Being Honest: How Lying, Secrecy, and Hypocrisy Collide with …

A Memoir of Fat Camp  May 28, 2008

Can adolescent weight issues affect our lives as adults? We’ll talk this hour with writer, photographer and blogger Stephanie Klein, whose new book is “Moose: A Memoir of Fat Camp” (William Morrow, 2008).

New Year Baby  May 27, 2008

How would you react if you learned that almost everything you knew about your family wasn’t true – and that the truth had been a secret for 25 years? We’ll spend this hour with Socheata Poeuv, who’s film “New Year …

A Life in Showbiz  May 27, 2008

You know him, or at least you know the characters he’s played. He’s in town to appear in a one-man show at the Majestic Theatre tomorrow evening and to promote his new memoir of the same name – “My Trip …

Presidential Campaigns of the Past  May 23, 2008

What’s funny about a presidential campaign? Charles Osgood, anchor of CBS Sunday Morning, will join us this evening to discuss his new collection of tales “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the White House: Humor, Blunders, and Other …

The Brilliant Life and Violent Times of Lorenzo de’ Medici  May 22, 2008

Who was Lorenzo de’ Medici and what was life really like in 15th Century Florence? We’ll spend the hour with art historian and journalist Miles J. Unger, author of “MAGNIFICO: The Brilliant Life and Violent Times of Lorenzo de’ Medici” …

From the Archives: A Life with Asperger’s  May 22, 2008

What exactly is Asperger’s Syndrome? Until recently, the high-functioning form of Autism was largely unknown to the public and even to those who suffered from the illness. We’ll spend the hour with one such person. John Elder Robison is a …

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