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Pursuing Justice and Remembering MLK  January 18, 2008

Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price has served the residents of his district for 23 years. He’ll be honored with the Dallas Bar Association’s Martin Luther King Jr. Justice Award at a noon luncheon on Monday, January 21st at the …

Conservatism that Can Win Again  January 17, 2008

Can conservatives regain a premiere place in American politics as the Bush years come to a close? David Frum thinks so. In town to speak to the World Affairs Council of Dallas Fort Worth, Frum will join us to discuss …

How Youth Culture is Reinventing Capitalism  January 17, 2008

How do subversive, and fringe movements, and youth culture affect the world? We’ll find out this hour with Matt Mason, pirate radio and club DJ, producer, writer, and author of “The Pirate’s Dilemma: How Youth Culture is Reinventing Capitalism” (Free …

The US and North Texas Economies  January 16, 2008

Is the U.S. economy moving into a recession? What about the outlook for North Texas? We’ll talk this hour with Bruce Katz, Vice President and Founding Director of the Metropolitan Policy Program at the Brookings Institution, and Ram Rao, Professor …

  January 16, 2008

What can a 600-year-old book tell us about the Jewish Faith and the resilience of a human community in times of strife? Pulitzer Prize-winning author Geraldine Brooks will join us this hour to discuss the Sarajevo Haggadah and how it …

Free Trade and Capitalism  January 15, 2008

Can free trade help developing nations achieve economic prosperity? Not according to economist Ha-Joon Chang. He argues that protectionism played an important role in the development of the world’s super-economic powers in his new book “Bad Samaritans: The Myth of …

Marketing Religion in a Commercial Age  January 15, 2008

Is religion a product to be sold, bought, and even advertised? We’ll talk this hour with Professor Mara Einstein, who’s new book is “Brands of Faith: Marketing Religion in a Commercial Age” (Routledge, 2008).

Oswald’s Ghost  January 14, 2008

Did Lee Harvey Oswald act alone? Documentarian Robert Stone will join us to discuss his new film “Oswald’s Ghost” which airs on PBS’ American Experience this evening. We’ll also be joined by Hugh Aynesworth who reported extensively on the JFK …

China’s Growth and The Environment  January 14, 2008

What are the environmental effects of China’s exponentially growing economy? Journalist Jacques Leslie writes about it in his current Mother Jones Magazine cover story “The Last Empire: Can the World Survive China’s Rush to Emulate the American Way of Life?”

Young Children in Today’s World  January 11, 2008

Touchpoints: Birth to 3 (Da Capo Lifelong Books, 2006) by Dr. T. Berry Brazelton and Dr. Joshua D. Sparrow

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