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Gossip, Rumor, and Privacy on the Internet  November 5, 2007

What can people learn about you on the internet? Does the rise of social networking sites like MySpace and Facebook threaten your privacy and your future reputation? We’ll talk this hour with Daniel J. Solove, associate professor at George Washington …

Eureka: A Novel  November 1, 2007

Everyone knows Jim Lehrer as an acclaimed journalist and host of The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer. Lehrer is also a very successful novelist. He’s in town to promote his latest book “Eureka: A Novel” (Random House, 2007) and will join …

The Leaders We Need: And What Makes Us Follow  November 1, 2007

What exemplifies good leadership and what motivates some to lead and others to follow? We’ll spend this hour with a leader in the field of leadership. Michael Maccoby is a psychoanalyst, anthropologist, consultant, and the author of the forthcoming book …

How America Is Losing Its Innovation Edge, Why It Matters, and How We Can Get It Back  October 31, 2007

Not too long ago, the United States was a leader in manufacturing, design, and technological development. John Kao hopes we can regain this leadership role and makes the case in his new book “Innovation Nation: How America Is Losing Its …

A Life Decoded – My Genome: My Life  October 31, 2007

Mapping the human genome was without a doubt one of the greatest scientific feats of the early 21st Century. We’ll talk this hour with the scientist who did it, J. Craig Venter. He tells the story of this accomplishment and …

What is Scary? and Horror vs. Terror  October 30, 2007

What makes something scary? We’ll talk with two experts this hour. Jason Henderson is the writer and creator of the “Sword of Dracula” comic series among other projects. Writer S.T. Joshi is an authority on fantasy and H.P. Lovecraft, and …

The Pursuit of Empire and Fortune on the Caspian Sea  October 30, 2007

Where is the latest frontier in the global competition for oil? Steve LeVine might suggest that you look to the Caspian Sea region of the former Soviet Union. LeVine, who’ll speak to the World Affairs Council of Dallas/Fort Worth this …

From the Archives: Dave Barry’s History of the Millennium (So Far)  October 29, 2007

How’s the millennium going? Why not ask famous humor writer Dave Barry? Barry was in town in September for a Fort Worth Star-Telegram event at Bass Hall, and he joined us for the hour to talk about his new book …

The War We Deserve  October 25, 2007

How is the current “war” different from the wars that have come before? According to Alasdair Roberts, professor of public administration in the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs at Syracuse University, the public’s unwillingness to sacrifice is the …

Marco Polo: From Venice to Xanadu  October 25, 2007

What can we learn from the life of an explorer who died almost seven centuries ago? We’ll spend this hour with Laurence Bergreen, author of “Marco Polo: From Venice to Xanadu” (Knopf, 2007).

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