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Circumnavigation From Magellan To Orbit  December 3, 2012
Round About the Earth

What first inspired humans to travel all the way around the earth and how does the history of such exploration still inspire us today?

Sustainable Design For Everyone?  November 29, 2012
Michael Lehrer Portrait

Are sustainable design practices gaining ground and what will it take for energy-efficient design to reach a broader market?

Holiday Movies  November 29, 2012
Xmas Movie

What are the hot holiday movies this season? Which ones have you already seen and what did you think?

The Original Tom Sawyer  November 28, 2012
Robert Graysmith

Who was the namesake of Mark Twain’s famous character Tom Sawyer and what was his life like in the San Francisco of the 1850s and 1860s?

How The Mind Makes Meaning  November 28, 2012
Louder Than Words

How do our minds make sense of the world around us and how might the different ways our brains work lead to new understandings of language, psychology, and neuroscience?

Kid’s Media Today  November 27, 2012
Lesli Rotenberg

How can parents navigate the ever-widening array of digital entertainment and educational choices for their kids?

The Nature Of The Heart  November 27, 2012
Photo courtesy

What makes falling in love so attractive that many of us do it again and again? We’ll talk this hour with Davy Rothbart.

The U.S.-Mexican War  November 26, 2012
A Wicked War

What events precipitated the U.S.-Mexican War and how did the conflict influence our young country?

Penn Jillette, Atheism, And The Holidays  November 26, 2012
Every Day is an Atheist Holiday

What do the holidays really mean and why do most of us only celebrate certain days as holidays?

Thomas Jefferson And Power  November 21, 2012
Thomas Jefferson

How did Thomas Jefferson manage to inspire his colleagues to action, learn from his failures, and still succeed and what can we glean from his methods today?

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