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Campaign 2012  September 13, 2012
white house

What impact will evolving events in the Middle East and the murder of a U.S. Ambassador in Libya have on the upcoming election? What influence did the conventions have on the electorate and what will voters be looking for in the upcoming debates?

Bob Balaban’s Creature From the Seventh Grade  September 12, 2012

What makes a character work on the page or on the screen and just how important are those traumatic pre-teen years to a writer and actor’s later creativity?

Who Stole the American Dream?  September 12, 2012
Hedrick Smith

Why are average middle-class Americans struggling so hard to just stay afloat and which political and economic policy decisions of the past have led our country to its current state?

The End of Men  September 11, 2012
The End of Men

How are gender dynamics changing in American society and beyond and what is the impact on marriage, sex, children, and work?

Helping International Refugees  September 11, 2012
Alexander Betts

What happens when people are forced to flee their homes to escape fighting and to whom can they turn for help in rebuilding their lives?

Life Along the Louisiana Coast  September 10, 2012
Joseph and Jasmine Jackson play in the bayou. Isle de Jean Charles, Louisiana. Photo: Kael Alford, Commissioned by the High Museum of Art.

What is life like in the midst of lingering effects of Hurricane Katrina, the BP oil spill, ongoing coastal erosion and wetland destruction, and a general lack of attention from the government and the media?

The Future and Past of the Dollar  September 10, 2012
Exorbitant Privilege

How did the U.S. Dollar become the world’s standard currency and what impact will current financial insecurities have on the Dollar’s place in global markets?

Sigmund Freud, William Halsted, and the Miracle Drug, Cocaine  September 6, 2012
howard markel

How did cocaine shape the study and practice of psychology and medicine?

The Remarkable Life of Julia Child  September 6, 2012
Julia & Paul

How did Julia Child change cooking, television, and even culture in 20th Century America?

Adventures from the Life of an American Hunter  September 5, 2012
Photo by Katie Finch

What responsibilities do we have to the animals we eat as food and what can modern eaters learn from hunters about ethics and even humanity?

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