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Islam without Extremes  April 12, 2012

As authoritarian rule continues to be challenged across the Middle East, what role will Islam play in the coming power structures and could a future of enlightened reason and freedom coexist with religion in the Islamic world?

Art and Health  April 12, 2012

Can exposure to art improve the ability of sick or recovering patients to heal more rapidly and more completely?

Inside Counterterrorism  April 11, 2012
Aki Peritz

How has U.S. security policy evolved since 9/11 and what have been the greatest successes and biggest failures along the way?

Do billionaire backers pick America’s candidates?  April 11, 2012
Thomas Frank

As the presidential primary race transitions into the general election season, how will Super PACs continue to influence the campaigns?

Titanic  April 10, 2012

What really happened in the North Atlantic in the early morning of April 15, 1912?

Understanding and Teaching the Most Challenging Students  April 10, 2012

What are positive and effective strategies for educating children who have been deemed “problematic” in the classroom and how can parents and educators work together to improve the educational experience for these kids?

A Tale of Stolen Art  April 9, 2012

What did it take to return one of the most famous stolen paintings of World War II to its rightful owners?

Lessons in Eating and Living From America’s Best Chefs  April 9, 2012

Is it possible to balance decadent food with a healthy lifestyle?

The Hidden World of Sharks  April 5, 2012

What fuels the age-old human obsession, fear, and fascination with sharks?

Lockheed Martin and the Military-Industrial Complex  April 5, 2012
william hartung

How much does our country spend on military contracts each year and how do the companies that win such contracts further influence that spending?

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