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KERA World 13.4

KERA’s acclaimed documentary, public affairs and news programming is available 24/7 on KERA WORLD (Channel 13.4 on KERA’s over-the-air signal). The channel showcases award-winning programs that viewers have come to identify with public television – some of the best non-fiction programming available anywhere.

Programming on KERA WORLD includes popular and critically-acclaimed series like AMERICAN EXPERIENCE, THE DAY, PBS NEWSHOUR, AMANPOUR AND COMPANY, OUT IN RURAL AMERICA, REEL SOUTH, DOC WORLD and AMERICA REFRAMED.  Special television events like Soledad O’Brien’s Pandemic in Seattle, in addition to a variety of appropriately themed independent films and programs, will also be scheduled.

Whenever possible, current events will dictate programming, making KERA WORLD a valuable resource for viewers looking for in-depth reporting on the important happenings of our time.

To watch KERA WORLD, turn your digital television tuner to Channel 13.4.  If your cable or satellite provider doesn’t carry KERA WORLD, write and let them know you’d like to see it in your channel lineup!