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KERA’s Commitment To Diversity, Equity, Inclusion And Belonging

Public media belongs to you. All of you. KERA is committed to representing and celebrating our entire community.

We believe in DEI — diversity, equity and inclusion — in all aspects of our organization, including our service to audiences, the makeup of our staff and the communities represented in our programming. This is a core priority that is infused in every action we take. As a public service, KERA holds a responsibility to engage the communities we reach equitably – to serve the underserved and create opportunities for those who have been overlooked.

Our goal is to provide a culture of belonging – on the air, online and in the halls of our facilities, and our interactions with the community – that includes diversity of ethnicity, race, gender and gender identity, age, language, sexual orientation, socioeconomic background and physical ability.

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    DEI goals

    In pursuit of its commitment to diversity throughout the organization, KERA has established the following goals:

    – For all audiences to find representation of their culture and identity in KERA’s programming.

    – For KERA’s staff to reflect the diversity of the community it serves – including in positions of leadership.

    – For KERA’s Board of Directors and Community Advisory Board to include representation that expresses our commitment to DEI.

    – For KERA’s news and public affairs content to include a diversity of experiences, identities and perspectives – and for this content to reflect equitable and inclusive representation of the voices it amplifies.

    – For KERA to build and maintain strong, engaged relationships with communities across North Texas that rely on programming that is free, educational and accessible to all.

    – For KERA to cultivate and actively maintain a sense of belonging throughout the organization.


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    Practices and policies to promote DEI

    DEI in KERA’s Content

    Effective storytelling relies on a wide variety of experiences on both sides of the microphone and throughout our digital platforms. We are dedicated to being more participatory in terms of who is doing the storytelling. We are committed to amplifying the voices of communities that have been historically marginalized and misrepresented. This includes active steps towards reaching audiences we haven’t engaged with before through different platforms. We strive to earn trust by representing communities authentically and elevating stories throughout the region we serve.

    DEI Advisory Council

    KERA maintains an internal DEI Advisory Council tasked with advancing our goals in this area and providing ongoing accountability. The council includes employees across multiple departments, and senior managers do not serve as members in order to encourage open dialogue and provide leadership opportunities for staff.
    Hiring and HR Procedures

    We are committed to providing employment and promotion opportunities to individuals of all backgrounds, experiences and identities. This includes focused recruitment in diverse spaces to identify talented candidates who may not be represented in legacy applicant pools. Our hiring processes are structured to include diverse representation on hiring committees. We also believe in supporting long-term career development in order to prepare diverse talent for leadership roles within the organization.
    Further, KERA offers paid internship opportunities to cultivate the next generation of public media professionals. We are committed to equity and transparency in compensation among our staff.

    Staff Training

    All employees attend training to promote greater awareness of issues related to DEI. Managers complete additional training related to the role of DEI in their supervisory relationships.
    Additionally, we are committed to providing opportunities for staff to deepen their engagement in DEI work, including workshops and professional development sessions.
    DEI in Performance Management

    We believe enhancing DEI is a shared responsibility that relies on every member of our staff and board. Therefore, all employees include personal goals related to DEI in their annual performance management. These individual goals reflect each person’s role in advancing our overall commitment to DEI. Our progress in this area is evaluated and shared quarterly in the president’s reports to the Board of Directors.
    Public Media for All

    We are proud to support the mission of Public Media for All, a nationwide coalition of public broadcasting workers, led by people of color. This initiative unites KERA with stations that share these values and are committed to specific actions. Learn more.
    Video Collection: U.S. Racial Justice and Black History

    For Americans to have informed conversations about race, it’s important to continually listen to — and learn about — the experiences of others. These curated documentaries and episodes explore the journey and contributions of Black Americans, and they delve into the history of racism in U.S. institutions. See the collection.
    Diversity Statement

    Click here to read the full diversity statement from North Texas Public Broadcasting (KERA/KXT).


Photo: Tim Mossholder