The Superintendent Shuffle: Why Leading A School System Is A Difficult Job

The Dallas and Fort Worth school districts are searching for new superintendents. They’re not the only school systems with help-wanted ads. Chicago, Newark and Los Angeles also have openings.For this week’s Friday Conversation, we asked the question: is it hard to keep a superintendent in a big-city school district?

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One Radio Host, Two Dancers

We'll talk with 'This American Life' host Ira Glass and dancer Monica Bill Barnes about their hybrid performance project.

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‘7 Days in Hell’ up next for ‘Game of Thrones’ Kit Harington

Still sporting his Jon Snow long-hair and beard, Kit Harington made his first post-Game of Thrones appearance last week at The Championships at Wimbledon, immediately setting the Internets hair on fire. While it may be small hope, there is hope, nonetheless, that Harington’s character, Jon Snow, might reappear after being left to die in the cold at the […]

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