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Opal's Farm Launches To Bring Produce To Fort Worth's Food Deserts

An urban farm is growing on the banks of the Trinity River in Fort Worth. Opal’s Farm, it is called, named for 92-year-old Opal Lee, a retired educator and long-time community advocate who has for years nurtured the vision of a farm to feed Fort Worth’s food deserts.

American Airlines Plans To Add 700 Flight Attendants At DFW Airport

Fort Worth-based American Airlines plans to add 700 flight attendants to its Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport hub, an airline spokeswoman confirmed. The reason goes back to the airline's merger with US Airways in 2013: American Airlines flight attendants could only fly on original American Airlines planes, not US Airways.

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What You Don’t Know About Marie Kondo

Margaret Dilloway joins us to talk about how Shinto beliefs influenced Marie Kondo – and about what it’s like to see the Kondo phenomenon from two perspectives. Her essay “What White, Western Audiences Don’t Understand About Marie Kondo’s ‘Tidying Up’” appears in The Huffington Post.

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