From The Newsroom: The Climb To Congress; The Rise Of David Lowery

The top local stories this morning from the KERA Newsroom: Democrat David Alameel is in an uphill race against Republican John Cornyn for his Senate seat, but Alameel says he's running because of his desire to reform his own party. Also, Dallas filmmaker David Lowery is becoming a hot commodity in Hollywood. His work is the focus on KERA TV's Frame of Mind and this week's Big Screen.     

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The Joy Of Giving

We’ll talk this hour about the link between generosity and happiness with Hilary Davidson, co-author of Generosity: Giving We Receive, Grasping We Lose.

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Scotland – Should I stay or should I go now?

In the beginning, England and Scotland were not only separate, they were frequently at war. Ever since that fateful day in 1707 when the two countries got together and formed a single country, Scotland has been part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain. Today’s referendum vote, which has been in the works for almost two and one-half years, offers Scotland the chance to break free from Great Britain and gain its independence.

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