Garland Neighbors Kept Each Other Updated In The Hours After Shooting

Sunday night's shooting at Garland’s Curtis Culwell Center surprised many people who live and frequent this Dallas suburban community. Residents in one nearby neighborhood kept each other updated throughout the evening. They say the event is a reminder that incidents like this one can happen anywhere.

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Real World Economics

This hour, we’ll talk to Stephen J. Dubner of "Freakonomics" fame about his new book, "When to Rob a Bank."

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Post-Downton Julian Fellowes turning his talents to ‘Doctor Thorne’

With the Downton Abbey body not even warm yet, news comes that writer/creator Sir Julian Fellowes’ next project for ITV, Doctor Thorne is already in the works. Adapted from the Anthony Trollope novel, Doctor Thorne tells the story of the penniless Mary Thorne, the niece of Doctor Thomas Thorne, who grows up with her rich […]

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