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Report: Toxic Herbicide Found In Many Texans' Drinking Water

More than 10 million Texans have consumed drinking water with some level of atrazine – a toxic herbicide – with 472 water utility systems statewide testing positive in at least one detection, according to a new report from an environmental group.

Anti-Vaccine Texas Families May Take Their Fight To Day Cares Next

The next vaccine fight could be coming to a day care near you. Texans for Vaccine Choice, a group focused on anti-vaccine policy, says it has received hundreds of calls and emails from parents of children without vaccines who were rejected by private child care facilities.

Art & Seek

Letting Everything Ride On Black

Balenciaga was 'the master,' even to his fellow high-fashion designers in the '50s and '60s. Now, for its first-ever, haute-couture exhibition, the Kimbell showcases his signature color in 'Balenciaga in Black.'

Think with Krys Boyd

Haunted By Mental Illness

Lindsay Wong joins us to talk about how the stigma surrounding mental illness affected her loved ones.

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