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Art & Seek

Perfectly Imperfect: The Renaissance Of Cigar Box Guitars

The cigar box guitar was an invention of poor musicians during the mid-1800s, but recently there’s been a renaissance. Art&Seek’s Hady Mawajdeh talks with historians, musicians and makers of cigar box guitars to learn about the instrument. In downtown McKinney, Kevin Edwards is cutting into a long and narrow piece of wood inside his music […]

Think with Krys Boyd


How To Overcome Passive-Aggression

This hour, we’ll talk about how to deal with conflict directly with Dr. Tim Murphy, co-author of “Overcoming Passive-Aggression: How to Stop Hidden Anger from Spoiling Your Relationships, Career, and Happiness.”

Nation/World News from NPR


Radio Times’ epic dissection of newest ‘Sherlock’ pic

When the most recent picture was released last week show a flooded out 221b Baker Street, the Internets hair was set on fire with thoughts of will this be the end of the most famous address with the exception of 10 Downing Street and 165 Eaton Place. This conclusion was ‘elementary’, to say the least, but […]