Why You Don't Want To Be Too Clean

We examine real-life issues in our series Vital Signs. In this edition: the risk of being too clean. Dr. Donna Persaud, ​Chief of Pediatric Community Medicine at Parkland Hospital System, talks about potential problems from the types of soap we use – especially anti-bacterial soap.

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Paying For The Holidays

This hour, as part of the KERA series “One Crisis Away at the Holidays,” we’ll talk about living paycheck-to-paycheck this time of year.

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Could Star Wars’ Hans Solo be Sherlock’s biggest fanboy?

Back in 2013, Harrison Ford and Benedict Cumberbatch were both ‘rumored’ to be getting ready for the possibility of a new Star Wars movie. When their paths crossed on The Graham Norton Show in October of that year, little did they know just how much of a mutual admiration society meeting it was about to be. When Benedict Cumberbatch […]

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