From The Newsroom: Pricing Roads And Rulers

The top local stories this evening from the KERA Newsroom:  This November, voters will decide whether to use some of the money in the state’s Rainy Day fund to pay for roads; both new projects and repairs. And a school supply cost analysis, from Arlington to Alaska.  

Art & Seek

Sarah Jaffe: The Path from “Clementine” to “Lover Girl”

Sarah Jaffe got her start strumming and singing in the clubs of Denton and Deep Ellum. Her third album, “Don’t Disconnect,” was released Tuesday and fans from the old days may not recognize her. The 28-year-old embraces a lush electronic dance sound. She talks to Art&Seek’s Anne Bothwell about the switch up.

Think with Krys Boyd


Mission To Mars

This hour, we’ll take a trip 35 million miles from Earth with science writer Marc Kaufman, author of “Mars Up Close: Inside the Curiosity Mission.”

Nation/World News from NPR


50 Things Every ‘Doctor Who’ Fan Should Know before Saturday night

Are you ready for some Doctor Who? The beginning of the Peter Capaldi era is just around the corner! Actually, it’s not even ‘just around the corner’. It’s TOMORROW NIGHT people. By now, there is precious little time to binge watch enough past series of Doctor Who to catch you up before the series 8 […]

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