Developers Are Suspending Efforts To Build Controversial White Rock Lake Restaurant

A spokesperson for developers Lyle Burgin and Rick Kopf says they have decided to suspend their efforts to build a restaurant on Boy Scout Hill in Dallas' White Rock Lake Park.The announcement follows a raucous meeting Tuesday night with 500 vocal opponents, most of whom live near the park.  Many objected to giving up two-and-a half acres of open space and native blackland prairie for a moderately upscale restaurant and 160 parking spots.

Gov. Rick Perry: 2012 Presidential Race Was 'Humbling,' But Not Ruling Out 2016 Run

Gov. Rick Perry continued his New York adventure Thursday with an appearance on “CBS This Morning.” He’s in the Empire State to try to lure businesses back to Texas. He talked about why he’s challenging New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo to a debate over economic policy, his failed 2012 presidential bid, and the simmering dispute over cattle in Nevada.

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Tampa Hosts Bollywood's Biggest Stars At Annual Awards Show

India's Bollywood film industry is increasingly reaching a world-wide audience. To highlight the international appeal, the industry holds its annual awards ceremony every year outside of India.


Ronald Judkins: Two Oscars For Sound, But What He Really Wants To Do Is Direct

Ronald Judkins' new film "Finding Neighbors" screens at the USA Film Festival this weekend. KERA's Anne Bothwell talks to him about working with Steven Spielberg, forging his own path as a filmmaker and getting his start in Dallas.

Krys Boyd
  • Caring For Torture Victims

    Hour 1: More than 54,000 survivors of torture from all over the world call Texas home. We’ll talk this hour about how they are cared for locally with Celia VanDeGraff, executive director of the Center for Survivors of Torture.

  • Inside ‘The Outsiders’

    Hour 2: This hour, author S.E. Hinton talks about her seminal work, which is the focus of this year’s Big D Reads program.

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  • Randy Watson, Justin Brands

    Randy Watson, CEO of Justin Brands, traces the company’s history from boots sold to cowboys on the Chisholm Trail to shipments today around the globe.