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Tarrant County Is A Political Anomaly: A Big, Urban, Republican County

President-elect Donald Trump was propelled to our country's highest office, in part thanks to Tarrant County. That fact alone is unusual. Fort Worth and its suburbs make up the only metropolitan county in Texas that still votes Republican. Nationwide, just two of the nation’s 20 largest urban counties voted for the incoming president. Politicians and observers point to a range of factors that make Tarrant County an outlier to the national trend.

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A Look At The Refugee Crisis

Patrick Kingsley joins us to share the stories of refugees from the Middle East and Africa who have fled their homelands in search of a peaceful existence.

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BBC to adapt John Le Carré’s “Spy Who Came In From The Cold”

Avoiding for a few days, once again, the extreme temptation to write about Sunday night’s series 4 finale of Sherlock, we turn our attention to the brilliant news that the BBC will adapt one of author John Le Carré’s most famous works, The Spy Who Came In From The Cold. The best-selling 1963 novel will […]