We’re Not Joking: Fort Worth Is The Country's Least Funny City

This is no joke: Fort Worth is the least funny big city in the country.Yes, scholars have researched the topic and have even produced a book showcasing their work: The Humor Code: A Global Search for What Makes Things Funny by Peter McGraw and Joel Warner.They surveyed the 50 biggest cities in the country. They say they discovered that humor has a “local flavor” – what’s funny in Dallas might not be as hilarious in Chicago.Fort Worth isn't too funny for words. Cowtown ranked dead last on a list that ranks the funniness of the 50 cities. Arlington, you’re a bit funnier, but not by much. Arlington placed No. 46 on the list.

Residents Opposed To White Rock Lake Restaurant Proposal Unload On Developers

Residents near Dallas’ White Rock Lake unloaded on developers Tuesday night as they pitched their plan for building a restaurant in the park at a location known as Boy Scout Hill.

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Watch: Young Baseball Fan Learns About The Pain Of Defeat

The Cubs blew a three-run lead in the ninth inning against the Diamondbacks, teaching a boy a hard lesson on losing.


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  • Randy Watson, Justin Brands

    Randy Watson, CEO of Justin Brands, traces the company’s history from boots sold to cowboys on the Chisholm Trail to shipments today around the globe.