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How Does Ted Cruz Return To The Senate?

From the Texas Tribune: With his concession speech behind him and his multimillion-dollar presidential campaign already winding down, Ted Cruz will soon return to the U.S. Capitol and the job he was working so hard to transcend: rank-and-file senator.

Art & Seek

The Big Screen: Rescoring ‘Alien’

This week, we talk with a Dallas music producer about a new score he’s written for one of the most gripping sci-fi movies of all time – 1979’s "Alien."

Think with Krys Boyd


Presidential Publicity

This hour, we’ll talk about how political media events are crafted – and why they so often backfire – with the author of “Off Script: An Advance Man's Guide to White House Stagecraft, Campaign Spectacle and Political Suicide."

Nation/World News from NPR


Equal time: Failed British re-makes of American telly

If you been with Tellyspotting as a P1 since day one or if you have joined the conversation at any point over the course of the last six plus years you are probably acutely aware of my lack of tolerance for poorly done American television remakes of British television output. This holds true mostly in […]