STAAR Tests Still Holding Back 10 Percent Of Texas Seniors

Thousands of students in North Texas are just one or two tests away from graduating high school. This year’s seniors are the first to have to pass five STAAR tests. So many haven’t passed, that Governor Greg Abbott just signed a law giving those students a loophole.

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The Boundaries Of Free Speech

The shootings in Garland earlier this month tied to a cartoon contest have brought the national conversation about free speech to North Texas.

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It worked for the Monty Python’s Holy Grail, why not Shaun of the Dead?

Monty Python‘s first foray into film was a compilation of sketches from their first two television series called And Now For Something Completely Different. While Monty Python and the Holy Grail was considered the comedy troupe’s first “proper” film, it was immediately hailed as comic genius and achieved widespread success both from a critical and audience standpoint.It still lives on […]

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