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The Most Shocking Lessons From KERA's One Crisis Away Series 'Still On The Edge'

One of the biggest surprises from the "Still On The Edge" series showed up early in Courtney Collins' reporting process. When she sat down to review data, she saw a 16 percent drop in median income in Dallas County over a six year period. In Texas, the drop was around 2 percent. She wasn't the only one surprised by those numbers.

Art & Seek

Working In Black And White

Welcome to the Art&Seek Spotlight. Every Thursday, here and on KERA FM, we’ll explore the stories and artistic efforts being made by creatives in and around North Texas. As it grows, this site,, will paint a collective portrait of our artistic community. Check out all the artists we’ve profiled. You can’t get much simpler […]

Think with Krys Boyd

Finding Purpose In Prison

Donna Hylton, who spent 25 years in prison, joins us to talk about how spending time with other inmates helped her to come to terms with her abusive upbringing.

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