Management and Board

KERA Administration


Mary Anne Alhadeff
President and Chief Executive Officer

Sylvia Komatsu
Executive Vice President and Chief Content Officer

Deborah Johnson
Executive Vice President, Development and Marketing

Bill Leftwich
Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Millie Adan-Garza
Vice President, Corporate Sponsorship

Deanna Collingwood
Vice President, Grants and Foundation Relations

Rick Holter
Vice President, News

Alan Melson
Vice President, Digital Media

Michele Myers
Vice President, Major Gifts

Jeff Ramirez
Vice President, Radio

Lynda Starnes
Vice President, Human Resources

Bill Young
Vice President, Programming, KERA 13

2014 Board of Directors

Jennifer Altabef
Jan Hart Black
Hal Brierley
Peter Brodsky
Kay Cattarulla
Douglas Chadwick
Harlan Cohen
Tim Crouch, Vice Chair
Levi Hamilton Davis, Vice Chair
John Dayton, Vice Chair
Nancy M. Dedman
Effie Booker-Dennison
Catie Enrico
Gary Fernandes
Melissa Fetter, Chair
Catalina E. Garcia, MD
Yolette Garcia, Secretary
Don Glendenning
Tina Gorski
Melanie Harris
Steven Harris
Mary Pat Higgins
Roger Horchow

Honorary Life Directors
Peter Baldwin
Irwin Grossman
Leland Hodges
Erle Nye
Richard G. Rogers
Dan Routman
Barger Tygart

Hunter Hunt
Marsha Kleinheinz
William M. Lee, MD
Sharon Lyle
Nancy Cain Marcus
Gil Marmol
Brandon Martino
Weaver McClure II
Janie McGarr, Immediate Past Chair
Peggy Black Meyer
Tricia Miller
Stan Morton
Ken Newman
Paul Pandian
Charles Parker
David Porter
Tegwin Pulley
V. Lane Rawlins
Jody Sheets
Lisa Singleton
Ann Stuart, Ph.D.
Donna M. Wilhelm

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