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CEO: Episode Archives

  • Dr. Michael Sorrell

    Dr. Michael J. Sorrell, Paul Quinn College

    The president of the Dallas HBCU details changes the school made in order to survive — like sacking the football program and transforming the field into a profitable farm.

  • Dr. Tyler Cooper, Cooper Aerobics

    Dr. Tyler Cooper

    Dr. Tyler Cooper is continuing the legacy of his father, Dr. Kenneth Cooper, a fitness pioneer and founder of the Cooper Aerobics Center in 1970.

  • Mark Cuban on CEO

    Mark Cuban, Entrepreneur

    The owner of the Dallas Mavericks dives deeply into issues facing the country from China to health care to politics.

  • 764

    Nancy Shemwell, entegra technologies

    Nancy Shemwell explains why cyberattacks on critical infrastructures like utilities pose a far greater risk than identity theft hacks. Her firm designs systems that render sensitive data invisible to potential hackers.

  • 1071

    J. David Motley, Colonial Savings

    David Motley shares how Colonial Savings survived the 1980’s banking crisis and avoided government bailouts during the 2008 economic disaster.