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    The Best In Barbecue

    We’ll talk to Texas Monthly barbecue editor Daniel Vaughn about his most recent discoveries, how barbecue varies across the state and what he looks for in the perfect plate.

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    Texas Embraces Bitcoin

    We’ll talk this hour about why the Lone Star State is so open to Bitcoin with Loren Steffy, who writes about the topic in the August issue of Texas Monthly.

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    The Rick Perry Report Card

    We’ll talk this hour about Rick Perry’s accomplishments and failures with Texas Monthly writers Brian Sweany and Erica Grieder, who grade his time in office in the July issue.

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    Wild Blue Yonder

    It’s hard to remember a time when Democrats ruled Texas. But they did. Can it happen again?

  • Illustration by Thomas Fuchs, Courtesy Texas Monthly

    An Eagle Scout's View

    Why would an Eagle Scout father decide not to enroll his own son in the organization he loved as a young man?

  • The Real King of Rock and Roll

    Hour 1: Who was the real originator of rock and roll and why have his many contributions gone largely unnoticed until now? We’ll talk this hour with Texas Monthly Senior Editor Michael Hall, who looks back at the life of rock pioneer Bill Haley in his piece “Falling Comet” which appears in the current issue […]

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