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  • retirement

    When The Golden Years Are Tarnished

    We’ll talk this hour about a new class of older migrant workers stuck between retirement and the reality of getting by with Jessica Bruder, who tells their story in the August issue of Harper’s.

  • JoseAntonioVargasCROP

    Living Undocumented

    We’ll talk to him this hour with immigration activist Jose Antonio Vargas about the current influx of undocumented children along the U.S-Mexico border and about his recent arrest in McAllen for his own citizenship status.

  • FL_LosingIraq2

    Investigating Iraq

    We’ll talk this hour about the unfolding chaos in Iraq – and what’s on the horizon – with the producer of the Frontline documentary “Losing Iraq,” airing tonight on KERA.

  • tomlinson
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    Two Familes, One Name

    We’ll talk this hour with the author of a new book of Texas history, “Tomlinson Hill: The Remarkable Story of Two Families who Share the Tomlinson Name – One White, One Black.”

  • michelangelo

    Return To The Renaissance

    This hour, we’ll talk about how Michelangelo revolutionized painting, sculpture and architecture with Miles J. Unger, author of Michelangelo: A Life in Six Masterpieces (Simon & Schuster).

  • survivor
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    Pain, Then Gain

    This hour, we’ll talk about how the most resilient among us are able to turn setbacks into opportunities with psychologist David B. Fledman. He’s a co-author of Supersurvivors: The Surprising Link Between Suffering and Success.

  • shutterstock_167585291

    The Pot Debate

    We’ll talk this hour about how marijuana affects individuals and society with University of Texas at Dallas researchers Dr. Francesca Filbey and Dr. Robert Morris.

  • shutterstock_93778384

    For Parkinson’s Patients, A Path To Speech

    As part of KERA’s Breakthrough’s series, we’ll talk this hour with speech-language pathologist Samantha Elandry of the Parkinson Voice Project about how Parkinson’s patients are being taught to speak again.

  • shutterstock_171125705

    All Aboard

    We’ll talk this hour about the demise of America’s railroads – and if they will ever make a comeback – with Kevin Baker, who writes about the lost glory of train travel in the July issue of Harper’s.

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