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  • Television, the Media, and Uncle Barky

    What are your favorite television shows this season? Do you have opinions on music and the news? Do you still read the paper? Our guest this hour deals with all these topics on his (relatively) new blog He’s none other than Ed Bark, who after 26 years as the television critic at the Dallas […]

  • Election Wrap-Up

    Yesterday was Election Day and the voters have decided. Who won and what can be determined by the outcome here in North Texas and across the country? We’ll spend this hour with UTA Professor Allan Saxe, Dallas Morning News Editorial Page Editor Keven Willey and the Fort Worth Star-Telegram’s Bob Ray Sanders.

  • Inside Afghanistan after the Taliban

    What is the situation like in Afghanistan today? From 1997-2002, Sarah Chayes served as an overseas NPR correspondent, reporting from the Balkans and Paris. In 2002 she left her career as a journalist to run the nongovernmental aid organization, Afghans for Civil Society. Sarah Chayes will join us this hour to discuss the complex and […]

  • Thunderstruck – The Convergence of Two Stories that Shook the World

    Erik Larson has a knack for creating incredibly vivid accounts of little-known or entirely-forgotten historical events that seem obscure to modernity. He recreated the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair in “The Devil in the White City” and he’s given a 1902 murder in London the same treatment in his latest work. Erik Larson will join us […]

  • Private Space Exploration

    Is space travel soon to be in reach of ordinary citizens? Probably not. But Plano entrepreneur Anousheh Ansari has not only visited the International Space Station, but become an international sensation on earth as well. She’ll join us for the hour to discuss her adventure and how she realized her dream of traveling to space.

  • In Celebration of Blockbusters

    Are quality films regularly “dismissed” by the cultural elites just because they are the products of Hollywood’s big studios? Morning Edition and L.A. Times film critic Kenneth Turan thinks so. He argues that there are at least 150 recent films that should not be shunned by the art house crowd simply because they ran nationwide. […]