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  • Fixing A Broken Heart, With Science

    Some parts of the body repair themselves. Skin, for instance. Bone, even the liver. Heart muscle does not. For decades, scientists have tried to understand how to regenerate the tissue that suffers after a heart attack. Recently, researchers at UT Southwestern have uncovered some clues. If you have a heart attack, or any other disease that makes you… Read more »

  • The Big Screen: The Wonder Of Flying

    This week, we talk about how commercial flights have made the world smaller with the director of “Living in the Age of Airplanes,” playing at the Perot Museum of Nature and Science through Labor Day.

  • Composer Rutter returns to Dallas to premiere new work

    If you’ve ever been in a choir, there’s a pretty good chance you’ve sung the music of John Rutter. The English composer stopped by KERA while in Dallas to conduct the world premiere of his latest work.

  • Wireless Sensors Help Scientists Map Staph Spread Inside Hospital

    Whatever lands you in the hospital or nursing home also puts you at risk for acquiring an infection, possibly one that’s resistant to antibiotic treatment. Staph infections are common problems in health care facilities, and many Staphylcoccus aureus bacteria are now resistant to drug treatment. Chances are you’ve heard of MRSA, which is the kind… Read more »

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    Join Our Volunteer Team

    Volunteers are an essential part of KERA’s success.   Click for Volunteer Sign-Up Form »   Questions? Need more information? Contact our volunteer coordinator at [email protected] Special Thanks   We’d like to thank the following sponsors for providing food to volunteers during KERA/KXT membership drives: Addison Coffee Roasters Buffalo Wild Wings Cindi’s New York Deli and […]