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KERA Summer Learning Challenge 2017: Resources

KERA Summer Learning Challenge, WordGirl


Find past resources for the 2017 Summer Learning Challenge right here:


“Explore Your World!” was August’s theme.

August Activity Booklet

Reading Chart

August Calendar

Match up the resources below with each date on the calendar:

» Calendar resources:




“There’s a World to Discover!” was July’s theme.

July Activity Booklet

July Reading Chart

July Calendar. Match up the resources below with each date on the calendar:

» Calendar resources:




“Let’s Explore” was June’s theme.

June Activity Calendar

See how lima beans grow: Watch The Little Gardener’s Growing Plants video

DIY Nature Cat activities: Make a composter | Sprout bean seeds and make a bean pot | Create a pine cone bird feeder

Nature Cat’s Great Outdoors app: Download this on-the-go toolset that will inspire your child to explore nature — in the backyard, at a local park or even looking out the window. Every day, Nature Cat has a new daily adventure that lets kids use tools to record and share their observations in fun, creative ways!

Build a house: Cyberchase: Build geometry skills by constructing a 3D house from Botopolis.

RECIPE One-ingredient ice cream

RECIPE Crispy parmesan green bean fries




Summer Reading Challenge checklist (this is what parents filled out and sent to us at the end of the summer)

Summer reading chart

The KERA Summer Challenge Passport (another resource for tracking progress)

» Additional materials:

• The Super Summer Fun Book (in English or en Español)

An all-ages summer reading list

A sunshiny DIY reading log for your wall (an additional, visual way to track the books participants read)


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