• Oddly Normal

    Oddly Normal

    What can parents do to help their kids be comfortable with their identities as they come of age?

  • Podcasts

    Podcasting enables you to listen to your favorite KERA programs on your schedule. You can subscribe to any podcast listed below to receive regular downloads to your computer or mobile device. You can use podcasting clients like iTunes or a web-based service like Feedly, or the free KERA Mobile App for iPhone, iPad and Android […]

  • gibson_75

    Kathleen Gibson, Citibank

    The veteran banking dynamo talks about navigating financial crisis, and how to grow commercial banking in Texas.

  • The Chip That Jack Built

    A short film from KERA profiling Nobel Prize Winner Jack Kilby, the Texas Instruments engineer who co-invented the integrated circuit (more commonly known as a microchip). On February 6, 1959, Kilby filed for his milestone patent. His innovation spawned a technological revolution that has made our modern way of life possible, and is found in […]

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