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Satish Gupta, SB International

CEO 1675

Satish Gupta
Founder and CEO, SB International, Inc.

Satish Gupta, Founder and CEO of SB International, Inc., discusses the global reach of the steel company and the growing demand for SB products in the oil and gas industry. Gupta details the U.S. policy changes he says are needed to re-energize domestic natural gas production. Learn how the company also plans to expand in challenging markets like the Middle East.

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Satish Gupta founded SB International, Inc. in 1981 and has led the organization for over 30 years. He has transformed it from an exporter of ferrous and non-ferrous raw materials to a global trader of prime steel and metal products in the domestic and international markets. He has been recognized for multiple business and entrepreneurship awards in the Dallas community.

Mr. Gupta graduated with a degree in Economics from Loyola College in Chennai, India, and an MBA in International Trade and Management from the University of Dallas. His exemplary commitment to higher education continues via personal invitation into the Owner/President Management Program at Harvard Business School.

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