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Steven and Eric Wang, Ming Wang

CEO 1574

Steven and Eric Wang trace the history of Ming Wang, the knit wear line named for their mother, co-founder of the company. The brothers detail the process from the design room to the sales floor. Learn why they plan to keep manufacturing in China despite rising labor costs.

Cut from the same cloth, the siblings have found distinct roles at Ming Wang and share how they navigate working with family.


As sons of the namesake designer and founder of Ming Wang knitwear, Steven and Eric Wang began working for the family business as teenagers. While each pursued his own career, Steven in finance and Eric in fashion, neither expected to lead the company that had been a part of their lives since they were children. Today, they oversee the company’s operations — Steven for design, sales and overall growth and Eric with a focus on the brand’s specialty store business.

The brothers have taken their parents’ company from $6 million in retail sales to $30 million in sales with their customer-oriented team. Having helped the brand’s expansion, they attribute the company’s continued success to having a team that shares a unique focus on building relationships with retailers and catering to the needs of clientele.”