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Art&Seek Jr: Beat The Winter Blues With These 4 Events 5

We’ve reached that point in winter where the kids are really and truly bored. The high of the holiday season has finally has finally wore off and the only thing they have to look forward to until spring break is standardized testing and a random snow day.

Poor tinies. You almost feel sorry for them, then you remember that you have to get up and go to work every morning.

Here are some ideas to help chase away the winter doldrums for both you and the kids.

Who needs the Oscars when you've got KidFilm! Photo: USA Film Festival

Who needs the Oscars when you’ve got KidFilm! Photo: USA Film Festival

Oscar fever is in the air and film lovers of all ages are getting swept away. My kid is huge Eddie Redmayne fan and can’t understand why I won’t take her to see ‘The Danish Girl.” The “but he’s
nominated, mom!” argument isn’t cutting the biscuit in my book. Lucky for her there’s a more age-appropriate event for mini cinema lovers happening this weekend at the Angelika Film
Center/Mockingbird Station. The annual KidFilm Festival is positively chocked full of movie fun for the kiddos, and get this: the parents are going to love it, too. Highlights include, a read-along with Taye Diggs, a sing-along with Lisa Loeb, and screenings of ‘Kung Fu Panda’ in 3D and the new live-action, French production of ‘Beauty and the Beast.’

Take an up close look the exciting lives of nature's littlest animals in 'Tiny Giants.' Photo BBC Earth

Take an up close look the exciting lives of nature’s littlest animals in ‘Tiny Giants.’ Photo BBC Earth

Here’s another adventures to be had via the silver screen. Take a peek into the very exciting lives of the world’s smallest animals in the 3D live action film ‘Tiny Giants.’ Intricate, immersive cameras give you an inside look as to what it’s like to be a little chipmunk in a big, scary world. More than a reality show featuring cute rodents, it’s actually a hero’s tale that will have you on the edge of your seat. You can see it daily now through May 26 at the Hoglund Foundation Theater inside the Perot Museum of Nature and Science.

Help Imma Sleuth solve the mystery this Saturday at Bookmarks.

Help Imma Sleuth solve the mystery this Saturday at Bookmarks.

Help solve a mystery Saturday morning at Dallas Public Library’s Bookmarks at NorthPark Center with Margaret, a.k.a. detective “Imma Sleuth.” At the ‘I Detect a Tale’ event there’s a story hidden somewhere in the library that Margaret is suppose to read to the kids but it’s up to Junior gumshoes to find it. Books will be lined up on the table with various titles. Using their powers of deduction, clues, a fingerprint matching book, and a secret code, the mini detectives will figure out which story Imma will finally tell!

Ever wonder what makes magic, “magic?” Come find out at The Magic of Science. Kids in grades 2 through 5 can become instant magicians as they learn such tricks as, how to make water disappear, painting without using a brush, and how to pierce a balloon without popping it. What they’ll come away is, surprise! It’s not magic; it’s science! The fun happens this Saturday morning at the Science Learning Center on the UT-Dallas campus.