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Can You Spy The Vintage Versace Ties In The Paintings At This Fort Worth Gallery? 6

Most people are used to seeing a tie around someone’s neck, not hanging on a gallery wall.

The Versace Ties Series. Feb. 27-April 3. 4919 Camp Bowie Boulevard, Fort Worth. Details.

Right now, you can catch Greg Brown’s collection of vintage Gianni Versace ties hanging on the walls of the West Fort Worth gallery, Art on the Boulevard. But you have to look closely to find them.

Dallas artist Brown was working as the Versace specialist at the Neiman Marcus store in downtown Dallas.  For years he handled and sold silk Versace ties, “like little pieces of art,” said Brown.

Greg Brown, Versace Garden.

After Versace’s death in 1997, the Versace fashion house stopped making the ties the way they used to with bold geometric designs and bright colors even down to the fine details of the lining and labels. If you are like Brown and know what to look for, you can spot a vintage Versace tie.

Over the years, Brown saw how Gianni Versace’s art and genius were being forgotten. To give his collection of vintage, “pre-death” ties new life he began incorporating them into his art.

Each of Brown’s pieces has a vintage Versace tie wrapped around a painted canvas. Brown’s designs merge with the bright colors and geometric patterns of the vintage ties so well the ties appear to be hiding.

Greg Brown, Versace Redstripes.

“It can be a tedious operation to get the colors all blended and get the tie glued on the canvas at the very end to where all the designs from what I have sketched out and painted match up with the design but in the end it’s wonderful.”

“This is my way to bring his designs back to life for a new generation to see and appreciate.”

Greg Brown, Versace Geometric Pathways.

The Versace Ties Seris will be on view at Art on the Boulevard through Forth Worth Spring Gallery Week, April 3. You can see more of Greg Brown’s work by visiting his website at

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