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Check out these 14 great films made by teens from North Texas and beyond 25

A collection of 14 shorts by young filmmakers will feature on Frame of Mind this week. These shorts were selected from the 2021 Pegasus Film Festival, the largest student-run festival in the nation. All filmmakers are under 19 years old, yet they showcase outstanding filmmaking talents.

This episode premiers on Thursday, Dec. 16, on KERA TV. Check out the remaining episodes of 2021 Frame of Mind season.

These films touch on universal themes like how relationships evolve, getting stuck in unhealthy cycles, falling in love, and dreaming of something bigger. But each filmmaker uses unique storytelling techniques, like Marcus Weber’s film “Minecraft,” which switches between second- and third-person perspectives, and Scott Altsuler’s captivating editing skills in “We Met at Rick’s Party”.

Although each film is fantastic, a few noteworthy mentions include the existential explorations in Lucy Roberts’ short “Elodie,” a candy-inspired stop motion animation titled “Ruth and Nick” by Carter Rostron, and a satirical digital collage video by Chloe Merriman in “The Good Wife’s Guide.”

Here’s the lineup:

“Socially Distant” by Kaden Nathani and Timmy Nadolsky

“In America We Speak English” by Haley Coleman

“Elodie” by Lucy Roberts

“Senior Year” by Mary Kate Madden

“Autophobia” by Natalie Grove

“We Met At Rick’s Party” by Scott Atsuler

Still from “We Met At Rick’s Party”. Image courtesy: Scott Atsuler.

“Ruth and Nick: A Confectionery Tale” by Carter Rostron

“The Good Wife’s Guide” by Chloe Merriman

“Minecraft: The Scariest Adventure Map Ever!!” by Marcus Weber

Still from “Minecraft: Scariest Adventure Map Ever!!”. Image courtesy: Marcus Weber.

“The Usual” by Sade Adenouga

“Solitaire” by Meredith Roberts

“The Cat” by Isla McKenna

Still from “The Cat”. Image courtesy: Isla McKenna

“Little Big Shot” by Henry Segal

“One Giant Leap – Athena Mission” by Beckett Potter