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Cut In: Ish D Featuring Lakei Day – “Holding Aces” 20

There’s been a bit of buzz swirling around the Dallas Hip-Hop and R&B scene nationally as of late. For example, Dallas Rap group The Outfit, TX has been featured on Vice’s music blog Noisey. Local emcee Sam Lao was spotlighted on the website Paper. And, just check out the soundtrack to the 2015 film ‘Straight Outta Compton’ to see a few locals sprinkled through out the liner notes

In hopes keep us in know about new, cool and experimental music, independent radio journalist Lyndsay Knecht has teamed up with statewide newscasterBecky Fogel to present ‘Cut In.’ ‘Cut In’ is a weekly segment that will be featured during the daily radio news show, ‘Texas Standard.” This segment airs on Thursdays during the ‘Texas Standard Round Up,’ but since Knecht is in North Texas – and a KERA alum –  we’ll also be posting her recommendations on Art&Seek.

Knecht is back this week with another edition of “Cut In” and this week she’s previewing a brand new R&B track by Hip-Hop producer Ish D. Listen to Knecht’s feature with the player above and listen to Ish D’s New track below. 

(“Holding Aces (ft. LakieDay)” from Pippa’s Melody by Ish D)

Crushing on someone in the summer… Who captured the feeling better than the women of ’90s R&B?

You remember those songs about summer romances by TLC, Mary J. Blige and Aaliyah. Dallas producer Ish D bows to all that heat – as he should – with his musical accomplice Lakei Day for the song ‘Holding Aces.”

Out today, ahead of an EP with the same title coming out on August 16th, this track indulges the groove just enough before accelerating into deep house territory. The producer and singer share writing credits on “Holding Aces” – another reason to keep an eye on them both.

Ish D is a member of the Brain Gang collective, a multifarious network of hip-hop producers and performers who keep illusions of a “Dallas sound” at bay with their wildly individual interests.

What ties the members together is a fierce ambition, the kind that’s netted attention and support from the likes of Dr. Dre. (Rapper Justus was a collaborator on the soundtrack for the N.W.A. biopic ‘Straight Outta Compton.’) Dre is credited with “discovering” him.

Ish D seems to have made a discovery of his own with Day, who’s heard for the very first time on ‘Holding Aces.” The producer has made solid choices in partners before, most notably with fellow Brain Gang artist Sam Lao. His beats punctuate her track “Money.”