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Dallas Art Fair Protests Texas Abortion Law By Donating Proceeds To Planned Parenthood 11

The Dallas Art Fair will donate 100% of its ticket proceeds this year to Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas. It’s a response to SB8, the controversial new state law, signed by Governor Greg Abbott, that bans all abortions after six weeks of pregnancy by making the parties to such procedures the target of civil prosecution.

“We are against this abortion bill,” said Kelly Cornell, the fair’s director. “It makes sense for us as an arts organization to be a loud voice. Any impact we can make is going to be important.”

Cornell said their decision isn’t part of a larger, organized protest. But working nationally and internationally as the fair does, she said she expects other businesses and arts groups to boycott Texas in response to the state’s new abortion law.

So far, musician Lucy Dacus and comedian Alison Leiby (Comedy Central, Marvelous Mrs. Maisel) have announced they will donate ticket proceeds to Texas abortion funds. More than 100 celebrities have joined a signature campaign criticizing the Texas law, with some calling for a boycott of the state. Signers include Reese Witherspoon and St. Vincent, the former Dallasite and popstar.

Variety reported on what Hollywood and major league sports did with a similar measure in 2019:

Georgia sought to ban abortion after six weeks (or at the detection of a fetal heartbeat). Georgia is a massive production hub known for generous tax incentives, and Hollywood contributes billions to the state economy annually, so the industry intended to weaponize its checkbook to rattle lawmakers.


Bob Iger, at the time the CEO of the Walt Disney Company, said the company would likely pack up and move in solidarity with its female workforce. Netflix, a massive spender on original production, was the first to blink and said it would “rethink its investment” in the state should the Georgia heartbeat become law. Kristen Wiig and Lionsgate yanked the Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar shoot weeks before cameras were set to roll. The Georgia law was later struck down in higher courts.


A similar corporate backlash took place when Georgia enacted voting rights laws that critics said were designed to suppress turnout among voters of color. In response, Major League Baseball relocated the All-Star Game from the state and corporations like Coca-Cola and Delta Airlines decried the move.

Next March, Fort Worth will host some of the first and second-round games of the Men’s NCAA Tournament, and San Antonio will be a regional site for the NCAA’s Sweet 16 and Elite 8.

The Dallas Art Fair this year runs November 12-14.