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Eclectic Works On View At Fort Worth’s New Cufflink Art Gallery 25

Spring ’21 Fresh Works Exhibition. Photo: Cufflink Art

It was their shared love of Fort Worth’s vibrant art community that brought art collectors Doug Gault and Joey Luong to Cowtown. They loved that world-class institutions like The Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth, the Kimbell and the Amon Carter Museum of American Art call Fort Worth home, but felt the community was underserved in terms of gallery space. It was this need that spurred them to open Cufflink Art.

Spring ’21 Fresh Works, Thru May 17, 120 St. Louis Avenue, Suite 149, Fort Worth, TX 76104, Details 

Doug Gault, Cufflink Art Co-Owner and Gallery Manager, says the gallery showcases contemporary artists from the 20th and 21st century.

“We’re focused on both emerging and established artists and trying to bring as much diversity to the North Texas area as we can in terms of both culture and ethnicity. We also want to be regionally diverse by bringing in artists from New York, LA, Pittsburg to the Metroplex area.”

The Gallery is located in the Near Southside neighborhood of Fort Worth and opened September of 2020. Their newest show, Spring 21 Fresh Works, is a mix of artists new to the scene and established artists whose work haven’t been showcased in Fort Worth yet.

Gault says the exhibition also features a mix of medium too, with works in oil, multi-media, and even concrete on view.

“It’s a really an eclectic mix of things. It’s freshness, newness, different and exciting. That’s the idea.”

  • ‘Jose (Venezuelan Immigrant)’ by Nathan Madrid, oil on panel, Oil on panel. 48 x 48′

Here’s the lineup:

  • Nathan Madrid
    Madrid’s Portraits of The Others series explores important topics such as immigration, homelessness, and transgender issues. Although large scale at 48 x 48, the close-up views of the subjects are very intimate.
  • Linda Shobe
    Shobe’s realistic oil paintings combine everyday items with witty double entendres, play on words, and hidden meanings.
  • Marshal Harris
    Harris is best known for his large scale photo-realistic drawings of subjects using graphite on mylar, but he has a large practice outside of those which include these drawings called Art Speak. The works are graphite, handwritten words on Mylar. Another piece in the show is a sculpture called Prairie Grass which is cedar, polished stainless steel and barbed wire.
  • Ross Bonfanti
    Bonfanti constructs dark and mischievous concrete sculptures from discarded stuffed toys and other local thrift shop finds.
  • Scott Thomas Anderson
    Anderson’s work merges imagines like photographs, maps, floor plans and artifacts from the Library of Congress to create a new piece with multiple layers.
  • Dwight Owsley
    Owsley is Cufflink Art’s newest artist. He creates collages from a vast multi-media collection of materials he received from clients and friends during his 36-year service as a concierge at the Carlyle Hotel in New York.

The show is on view in the gallery through May 17. Gault says the gallery also has plans for virtual artist talks and different virtual exhibitions over the next three months to make it easier for people to see the art and engage with it without actually having to be in the gallery.

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