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Ellen Once Again Reminds Us It’s Likely Everything Will Be OK 11

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Photo: Tal Campbell

Ellen Hinton is no stranger to the DFW music scene.  She grew up in a musical family and began making music professionally after graduating from UT Arlington. She’s been creating music for over a decade under the moniker Ellen Once Again. Her songs have been featured in commercials for Target, on Netflix movies Falling Inn Love, and To the Bone, and TV shows Dance Moms and Hand of God.

“My music is very bubbly… it’s very hopeful. And, it makes you want to sing along,” Ellen said.

She strives to write with peace, love, and purpose and wants people to feel better after listening to her music. She has achieved this with her latest single, “Be Okay.”  The song is filled with hope and offers optimism and calm during a year that has been tumultuous, at best.

It’s about dealing with tough times and Ellen said she wrote it to combat the anxiety she felt after over-watching the news.

Photo: Andre Hinton

“I haven’t seen anything in my lifetime like this season, and I wanted to express that no matter what is going on- anxiety, fear, or maybe you’re feeling panicked- that it’s going to be OK.”

The video for “Be Okay” also encourages listeners to stay calm. It was shot while maintaining social distancing in Fort Worth. Videographer Cameron Smith created a lovely dream sequence complete with majestic horses and a beautiful meadow. Ellen’s bandmate, husband, and sometimes photographer, Andre, makes a cameo at the end. He wears a mask emphasizing faith over fear, which reinforces the message to stay calm.

Ellen plans to do a few live sessions on Instagram and Facebook while she continues to work on new music. Meantime you can check out her website or listen to her library on Youtube and Spotify.

Some people are just made with the kind of magic that makes you feel better, and Ellen Once Again is one of those people. Listening to her music really does make you feel like things will quite possibly, and probably most likely, actually end up to be OK.

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