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Even The Kitchen Sink: After Its Last Show At The MAC, Kitchen Dog Is Holding A Sale 12

00Q0Q_1AzwWk4ciWB_600x450Some 25 years of props and costumes are going up for sale — now that Kitchen Dog Theater is done with Blackberry Winter, its last show at the McKinney Avenue Contemporary. The MAC is moving because its Uptown home has gotten so pricey-high-taxy that it needs regular, for-profit, office-type tenants. But while Claude Albritton III, co-founder of the arts space, moves it to the downtown Cedars area, Kitchen Dog has found temporary quarters for its next season in the GreenĀ  Zone in the Design District.

And you know what a clear-it-out move like that means.

Yard sale bargains!

As this Craiglist item indicates, we’re talking about “one-of-a-kind costumes, props, furniture, housewares and vintage goods.” And there’s even a 25-cent section (in honor of KD’s 25th season).

Is that an actual, beautifully-tacky, pink-leather golf bag in one photo?

This Saturday, 10 am-3 pm, 3120 McKinney Avenue.