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Frame of Mind: The Great Hanging and the 24 Hour Film Race 12

This week on “Frame of Mind” we’re airing a docu-drama about a sobering story from Texas history and highlights from this April’s Dallas VideoFest 24 hour film competition.

“The Great Hanging”

The Great Hanging took place in Gainesville, Texas in October, 1862. 40 people were hanged for suspected support of the Union. Johnathan Paul’s documentary of the same name recounts and reconstructs this somber story through the eyes of the people at the center of the tragedy using historical documents.


Nathaniel’s last moments.

24 Hour Film Competition

Dallas VideoFest’s 24-hour film competition is a come-one, come-all affair. Filmmakers of all levels are given the a theme, and other things they must include in their entries – a prop, a phrase. It’s up to the contestants to write, film, and edit the best piece they possibly can in just 24 hours. Here are some of the best of the best from the last competition.

Entry from, Pass the Gaff

Working hard or hardly working?

Working hard or hardly working?

Plot: How far will you go to pursue your passion?

“That One Guy,” by Erick Sandoval

A man washing himself in the park.

A man, down on his luck, washes himself in the park.

Plot: Mean guys finish last. Don’t be that guy. Nobody likes that guy.

Entry from The Landhammers

The protagonists at a couple's therapy session.

The protagonists at a couple’s therapy session.

Plot: Attached at the hip, but not so happily.

Entry from Bronins Reunite

Artist at work.

Artist at work.

Plot: the story of an artist trying to find support.

Entry from The Conquered

The candidate in his interview.

The candidate in his interview.

Plot: Trying hard to nail the interview and land the job.

Entry from Toughboypockets

A man drowns his sorrows.

A man drowns his sorrows.

Plot: “When a heart breaks, no it don’t break even.” – The Script