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Frame of Mind: Thin Line’s Best Films 24

This week, Frame of Mind presents “Best of Thin Line Fest.” The Denton-based film festival celebrates documentary film in all its forms. 

This week’s Frame of Mind: “Best of Thin Line Fest” airs Thursday, Nov. 14, at 10 p.m. on KERA TV.  Here’s this year’s Frame of Mind lineup.

At Arm’s Length, Dana Reilly

Two journalists recount their experience covering the effects the mass shooting had in the town of Sutherland Springs. A day after the shooting, the media swarmed the town and caused an uncertainty among the community. The film explores the emotional toll on both the community and the two journalists as they strive to build trust.

There’s Something in the Water, Rory WT

Monsters are taking over Caddo Lake! This body of water has been ambushed by Giant Salvinia… an invasive species of floating fern. Scientists and the people of Caddo Lake have tried everything to eradicate this species, but it continues to grow. This animated film shows how scientists and residents try everything to preserve this lake they call home, and to protect future lakes from being invaded

Mack Minded: Humanly Possible, Susan Carol Davis

Women are now leading research in many STEM fields. But few women were in charge in the 20th century. Dr. Pauline Beery Mack was an exception. She was a professor at Texas Woman’s University from 1950-1970 and led advances in bone density research that provided NASA with valuable information for manned spaceflight.

Critterman, David Goodman

David Kleven, a.k.a. Critterman, is our local animal whisperer. In an effort to spread awareness for animal preservation, Critterman takes animals like snakes, lemurs, and tarantulas to schools, and even birthday parties. Here, people of all ages can learn how these “wild” animals are not as scary as we all might think.

Mason Fine: Chasing History, Charles Elmore

North Texas is witnessing the making of a legend. Mason Fine is the senior quarterback for the University of North Texas’ Mean Green football team. Fine, who broke records at Locust Grove High School in Oklahoma, is now breaking records in North Texas and could be the next big thing in Texas.

Mineola Portraits, Lauren Cater

Little towns are often overlooked, but there’s so much more to them. Mineola is a tiny town in Texas, but the community comes together at football games and rodeos. This observational style film looks into the beauty and uniqueness of small towns.