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Home With The Soul Gent 15

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Arlington Jones, Artistic Director at The Sammons Center for the Arts. Photo by Luis Perez.

In early spring, the Sammons Center for the Arts was in the middle of hosting their 30th season of Sammons Jazz when COVID-19 shut down the season. But that didn’t stop Arlington Jones, artistic director for the Sammons Center, from performing.

Catch “Home with the Soul Gent” Tuesdays at 7:30 p.m. on Arlington Jones’ YouTube channel.

Every Tuesday at 7:30 p.m. Jones sits down at his Steinway piano, and performs original compositions and arrangements. It’s not in front of a live audience in a candle-lit venue like the Sammons, but at his home studio on his YouTube channel. Though it’s not the same as performing in front of a live audience, Jones says, “it does kind of help me feel like I’m able to continue performing and I can kind of envision that the people you know are there and are watching.”

Jones’ home performance series, “Home with the Soul Gent,” is more than just an opportunity to perform. Like so many, Jones wanted to be able to do something to provide encouragement.

“People are so unsure right now and want to feel good about our situation, so I perform songs that I hope people find a blessing and give them peace.”

He chooses songs that he feels are uplifting and give comfort.

Hear Jones perform “Peace that Passes All Understanding.”

What’s Coming Up at The Sammons Center?

The staff at Sammons Center are still staying busy. They have already planned their fall Sammons Jazz series and hope to make an announcement soon. One of the shows includes the Artistic Director’s Concert. That was one of the shows they were unable to present this month due to the Coronavirus. Jones plans to perform excerpts from a jazz opera he and his wife are working on. The extra time at home has given the duo more time for the project. He hopes to preview the work in September.

Also, check out the Sammons Center YouTube channel. They’re uploading snippets of past Sammons Jazz concerts, as well as their Take Six series. That’s an interview series with Sammons concert artists. So you can still hear great jazz from the Sammons Center from your home.

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