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Just What The Arts District And Klyde Warren Need! More High-Rise Office Space! 31
di suvero1

‘Proverb’ by Mark di Suvero. Photo: Jerome Weeks

Well, there will be some ground-floor retail, so there’s that.

Over on the DMN‘s Biz Beat Blog, Steve Blow reports that the corner of Pearl and Woodall Rogers — that little grassy plot with the big red Mark di Suvero sculpture — has been sold by the Dallas Symphony Foundation to the developer, Lincoln Property, the folks who own Two Energy Square and Three Energy Square and Two Turtle Creek  (they’re not real big on clever names).

At any rate, they’re planning a 23-story office tower on that little half-acre and construction starts in September on the building to be designed by HKS, the folks who gave us the W Hotel. The property had been originally acquired by the Dallas Symphony (it was a drive-in bank) with an eye toward “future expansion of its facilities.”

What had once been a possibility for a distinctive ‘gateway’ to the Arts District will now be a big glass box butting up against the back of the Meyerson Symphony Center.

The di Suvero sculpture, by the way, always reminded me of an old-style metronome, so it seemed fitting standing next to the Meyerson. The title of the artwork is “Proverb,” which means, of course, a “pithy saying or truth.” In this case, that would be: “location, location, location.” Or “a historically high real-estate market.”