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Meet An Art Conspiracy Artist: Judith Lea Perkins 19

Art Conspiracy’s Martha Belden is guest blogging to introduce some of the artists who will take part in Art Conspiracy this weekend. Today she catches up with painter Danny Rose.

Judith Lea Perkins is a dearly treasured member of the Dallas arts community. One of the founders of Kettle Art, she has been living and creating in Dallas since 1990 and maintains close ties to the gallery.

Join us Saturday for the Art&Seek Art Hunt at Art Conspiracy.

She is a professional painter and printmaker with an Associates Degree of Applied Art in Visual Communications from the Art Institute of Dallas. She has murals everywhere from Deep Ellum to adorning the walls of P.F. Chang’s across the country, and she has shown in galleries all over the city, including at the Kessler Theatre in Oak Cliff.

Judith is known most, perhaps, for her whimsical yet elegant style. She is intrigued by the universe and the natural world and the interconnectivity of everything and everyone.

“My greatest influence is probably how we as artists, musicians, writers… come together and share with each other, trying to make a difference in culture,” she says.  If you ever get the chance to sit down with Judith, you’ll realize very quickly, what a gentle spirit she is. Her fascination and deep respect for the world around us is manifest throughout her work, and she discusses this fascination with an almost child-like sense of awe and wonder.

Both topically and through her distinct color palette of earth tones juxtaposed with bright neons and metallics, she is always paying homage to nature and our relationship to it and with each other. “I have always been attracted to and fascinated by our place in this world,” she says. “I am inspired by the universe, by science, nature, and the passing of time. All these connections we make with others during the short time we’re on this plane.”

Although she has been a volunteer and attendee of Art Con almost since the beginning – “the year it was held at Sons Of Hermann Hall” – this will be her first year participating as one of the artists.

“I remember feeling a really nice sense of unity in the room,” she says. “It’s always been very inspiring. I really value the way it brings creative types together and shows our voices, and how we have the power to make an impact on the community.”

You’ll be hard pressed to find much more about Judith online outside of her very minimal presence on Facebook (where you can view at least a few of her stunning pieces) and a small scattering of articles about prestigious shows she’s been a part of. So you definitely need to come check her out, and bid on her work, this Saturday, November 12, at Cedars Union. Get your tickets to Art Con 12 now!