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Meyerson Symphony Center Virtual Tour: A Guide To The Site 66

Prepare to take a 360 degree, rarely-before seen look at the iconic Morten H. Meyerson Symphony Center led by the namesake himself, Mort Meyerson. Before getting started, here’s how to make your way around the tour, and a table of contents. You can return to this page at any time by selecting the art&seek logo in the top left corner of the tour.  If you’ve already visited the tour, take a dive right back in.


To make your way around the tour, select the white arrows located throughout, or use the scene selector slider located at the bottom of the tour

Points of Interest

Points of interest launch audio and images narrated by Mort Meyerson. Hovering over the points will reveal their titles. Click or tap the icon to listen as he tells seldom heard stories about the creation of this architectural marvel.

External Links

External links open a new page and take you to content beyond the tour. Don’t worry, you can always jump back to a previous tab or window where you left off.


Select the video icon to watch archival video content from art&seek and KERA.

Welcome to the tour:

Table of Contents:

Main Entrance

  • Mort’s Role in the Project (9:40)
  • Underground Hall Idea/ Borden’s Dairy Land donation (5:01)
  • I.M. Pei’s Pitch Story (5:47)
  • I. M. Pei’s Concept/Relationship of Shapes (3:27)


  • Eduardo Chilida De Musica (:58)

Main Lobby

  • The Donor Wall (1:07)
  • Naming the Hall (3:31)
  • The Promenade Space (:48)
  • Steel Support Beam (:51)
  • Box Office (:36)
  • Frozen Music: The Making of The Meyerson Symphony Centers (KERA,1990 – 27:35)

Concert Hall Entrance

  • Staircase & Banisters(1:02)
  • Stanchion Lamps (2:21)
  • Open Space above Concert Hall Entrance (1:13)
  • The Marble Floors (5:26)
  • The Sound in the Lobby (1:07)

East Lobby

  • Ellsworth Kelly Artwork (1:16)
  • The Endowment Wall (:24)

West Lobby Ground Level

  • Tree in the Lobby (1:09)
  • The Betty Marcus Park and Water Wall (1:02)

West Lobby Upper Level

  • Curved Glass Curtain Wall (1:26)

Orchestra Level of the Concert Hall

  • Stone Floor (:42)
  • The Concert Hall Seats (2:03)
  • Circle Accent (:44)
  • Squares Covering the Reverb Chambers (2:49)
  • Control the Canopies (1)

Box Seats

  • Railing Height (:50)
  • Columns On Sides of Stage (1:42)
  • Compressed Wood Panels (2:07)
  • The Canopies (2:19)
  • Control the Canopies (2)

The Stage

  • The Selection of Acoustitian Russell Johnson (2:43)
  • Size of the Tubes (1:27)
  • Learn more about the Meyerson’s Adjustable Acoustics

Choral Terrace

  • Description of to Space (1:30)

Organ Keyboard

  • The Organ Knobs (:15)
  • Mary Preston Organ Performance Video (3:53)
  • Learn More About The Organ

Inside the Organ

  • Number of Pipes (:12)
  • Bellows and Air Computer (:23)
  • Fisk Selection Story (:58)

Spiral Staircases

  • Description of to Space (:28)

Reverberation Chambers

  • Reverberation Chamber Doors (:37)
  • Cement Block Walls (:38)
  • Take Control of the Reverb Chamber Doors

The Spotlight Booth

  • Description of to Space (:18)


  • Description of to Space (1:34)

The Percussion Rehearsal Room

  • Description of to Space (:32)

Choral Rehearsal Room

  • Description of to Space (:59)