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‘Paint With A View’ At Reunion Tower 25

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Just a month ago, the Reunion Tower turned its lights off for the second time in its history to support the Black Lives Matter Movement. In April, the Dallas landmark lit up blue to honor essential workers. And now the Tower has returned to give visitors art from 470 feet in the air.

Buy tickets to art events are Reunion Tower.

Since Reunion Tower opened back up in May, it has made art-creating events available to guests on the GeO-deck. The Tower is welcoming visitors under new guidelines.

Jenna Rushing, the marketing manager, said the events are in partnership with two Dallas-Fort Worth mobile painting companies, ColorHype and Klarity & Khaos.

“People are really looking forward to spending time with their friends they haven’t seen in months, getting out of the house for a date night and reuniting at Reunion Tower,” Rushing said.

Acrylic Pouring

On August 3, ColorHype will present an acrylic pouring art class. A ColorHype instructor will teach you how to mix paint and pouring mediums onto an 8-by-10 canvas. The paint kit will include a general admission ticket to the Reunion Tower GeO-Deck; an 8×10 canvas (you can choose one or two); 2 sticks to hold up the canvas; choices of paint; silicone, gloves; and popsicle sticks for paint mixing.

Photo: ColorHype

Paint With A View 

On August 13, Klarity & Khaos will offer a class on painting the Dallas skyline high above the city with 360-degree views. On a 16-by-20 canvas, guests will paint their version of the Dallas skyline.

Photo: Klarity & Khaos

Inks & Skylines

With vibrant alcohol inks, ColorHype will teach you how to craft a backdrop of the Dallas skyline. The next event takes place on August 17. The painting kit will include a general admission ticket to the Reunion Tower GeO-Deck; a small or large board for your masterpiece; a Dallas skyline sticker (small 6×8 board includes a one-piece Dallas Skyline sticker and a large 12×12 board includes a two-piece Dallas Skyline sticker); gloves; and an apron.

Photo: Reunion Tower

Paint Your Pet

Photo: Reunion Tower

One of the most popular art classes the Tower offers is Paint Your Pet. Rhe next class takes place on August 31. Before taking the class, guests will have the option to submit a black and white photo of their pet or draw an outline of their pet. The painting kit will include a general admission ticket to visit the GeO-Deck; a pre-printed 16×20 canvas; all supplies needed to create your masterpiece; a printed full-color photo of your pet for reference while painting; and guided instruction from a ColorHype instructor.

Photo: Reunion Tower

All guests can take their work home, and all events start at 7 p.m.

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