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Pets: Meet KERA’s New Co-Workers – And Show Us Yours 10

As many of us at KERA adjust to working from home, we’re dealing with a whole new group of co-workers: our pets.

And we bet some of you are too.

On KERA FM today, Nilufer Arsala caught up with KERA’s VP of News, Rick Holter. You can click above to listen to his cat, Lulu, who knocked his phone off a ledge.  Her tail’s also flicked across a KERA news video conference.

Then there’s Finn – Rick’s puppy.

“I’m sitting in the closet the other night, recording a conversation with Christopher Connelly for the radio, and she comes up to the door and barks REALLY loud,” says Rick. [Editors note: yes, we are all building recording studios in our closets right now.]

We want to share photos and videos of your furry workmates on Art&Seek’s Instagram story. Make sure to tag @ArtandSeekTX in your story or post, and we’ll reshare. Creative costumes welcome!

And here’s me, with my dog Cooper, who can’t get the hang of this social distancing thing.