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PHOTOS: ‘Back To The Music,’ The Undead 35 Denton 15

On Friday the 13th, 35 Denton rose from its shallow grave and returned to Downtown Denton. We have pictures to prove it.

The independent three-day music festival returned yesterday evening to venues near East Hickory and East Oak Streets after a yearlong moratorium and continues through Sunday evening.

Life for 35 Denton began in 2005, in the form of annual South by Southwest house show “Nx35: The Afternoon Party of the Other, Smaller, Music Town in Texas,” which showcased Denton bands. Eventually it transferred to Denton, where it grew into the city’s own darling indie fest, the kid sister of South by Southwest.

Its name changed – Nx35 to 35 Conferette to 35 Denton, and it took place right before the music portion of the older, wiser Austin hoorah. The festival brought national artists such as Big Boi, The Flaming Lips, Solange, Reggie Watts, Sleep and Dr. Dog to the Little D. In turn, crowds were drawn from North Texas as well as from out-of-state to see the Denton talent.

In 2013, 35 Denton had its “Best Fest Ever Fest” and shortly after, organizers announced the festival was takign a break. Core staff members wanted to pursue new endeavors and sponsors dropped out.

It is the essence of 35 Denton’s original mission to emphasize local, specifically Denton-based, musicians. Of the 250 acts in this year’s lineup, 94 are from Denton and 180 are from Texas.

“Back to the Music,” is the theme and this year’s 35 D creature has a Denton-saturated heart with limbs of new and remaining core staff pieced together by a slew of recently developed venues (i.e. Harvest House—which had its grand opening with the kickoff of the festival— and Dan’s Silverleaf’s new patio, which turned it into a two-staged venue).

It’s only appropriate the main attraction is The Zombies, being revived from its heyday in the 60s.

Hits you probably know but may have no idea were from this British rock band include “Time of the Season” and “She’s Not There.”

General Admission into 35 Denton is $65, while day passes are $35 and can be bought here. Art&Seek will follow the tale of the festival all weekend. Tune in Monday for the recap.


The Days
Dan's Silveleaf has a new outdoor patio.
Hustle Roses
Hustle Roses
Brave Young Lion
Black James Franco
Duo Tony Garcia Gragnano allow the crowd at Dan's Silverleaf to "play 35" by handing out kazoos and noisemakers.
Tony Garcia Gragnano use a kazoo to emphasize its mellifluous oohs and aahs.
Diamond Age
Fest-goer Kyle Emerald basks in the multi-color-changing glow of Diamond Age's set.
Blaire Alise & the Bombshells
Audience at Abbey Underground
A handful of the crowd dances to RTB2's set.
The crowd at Rubber Gloves takes in Hellen Kelter Skelter's show.
Hellen Kelter Skelter merch sits aglow in dark Rubber Gloves.