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Rover Dramawerks Shares Favorite Plays Online 16

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Like most theaters, Rover Dramawerks is working hard to stay engaged with its audience. The theater’s founder, Jason Rice, says the group is lucky because their YouTube channel and Vimeo have made it easy to showcase productions from past seasons. Works like last year’s 10-Minute Play Festival are getting another look.

The company is also working on a live online reunion reading of “Around the World in 80 Days.”

“It was one of our best-attended shows ever,” says, Rice. “If people like this platform, we’ll try ‘Sharing the Stage is Murder’ from last season. It should be fun.”

“Shouting Down a Quiet Life,” by Holli Harms, is another production just made available for streaming on the group’s YouTube channel. Harms was Texas Nonprofit Theater’s new-play winner from last December.

Rice hopes audiences will enjoy the show, which was performed live at Rover Dramawerks last December.

“First, it’s a wonderful story. Second, it’s a fictional account of a historic event very few people know about.”

The story takes place two years before the Kent State Massacre. A similar shooting happened at a historically black college in South Carolina; State troopers opened fire on students, killing three and injuring 27. The story jumps between 1968 and 1998 and follows the main character, Emmit Fludd, who witnessed the shootings and has to come to grips with the tragedy after years of avoiding it.

Below is an archival recording of the December 14, matinee performance. It’s presented with the playwright’s permission.

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