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Sarah Jaffe Performs Acoustic Version Of Bowie Tribute: “Did David Feel Like This” 15

Sarah Jaffe, S1, and Sam Lao recently visited the KXT Studios for a Live Session to perform a song from their collaborative project The Dividends featuring Sam Lao. During the session, Sarah performed her new tribute song to David Bowie, and spoke with Paul Slavens about how the music and video quickly came together.

“After the late great Mr. David Bowie passed, I wrote a song about it and how he as an artist impacted me. Even in his death it was pretty remarkable reflecting on what an incredible artist he was. So the day that I wrote it, I couldn’t really function outside of thinking about David Bowie… And like what I said, just an amazing artist. I wrote the song, sent it over to my good friend and band-mate Scott Danbom, you know him from Centro-matic … Obviously this is just me and an acoustic right now, but the way I hear this going is to really tipping the hat to Ziggy Star Dust era. So it was a very piano heavy, just a beautiful part that Scott wrote for it. About 3 days later, we hopped into the studio, and in doing so after the song was recorded it was just kind of like this fluid.. it was just so quick, everything came together so quickly. Then my brother-in-law, and just an incredibly talented videographer, Anthony Longoria, made a video for it afterwards.”

Watch the other videos from the session here: