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Stage West Saves Summer With Virtual Camps 11

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Stage West
Executive Producer Dana Schultes

Even though COVID-19 has shifted what summer camp usually looks like this time of year, Stage West Theatre is ready with affordable online offerings for kids ages 8-14.

The 4- day Zoom camps start next week and run through the end of June. Campers can design fairy-tale costumes, create backyard sets, and master the art of acting and auditioning.

Stage West’s virtual summer camps start June 9.

There’s even a TikToc camp where students learn to use camera, lighting, in-depth features, and tricks to make their videos stand out.  “It’s an opportunity to share a lot of different skills– not only from the teacher who’s giving ways to make your videos look better–but the students who use TikToc are really into it, so they can collaborate with each other,” says Executive Director, Dana Schulte.

Although the camps are virtual, they’re designed to reduce the amount of screen time students spend online.

“It was important for us to find a way to do that,” said Schulte. “Students log in for instruction and then log off for a period of time while they complete their project. They’ll then check back in with their instructors after a period of time.”

June camps will on-line, but July’s 3-week Conservatory will be an in-person camp. Said Schulte, “We’re using resources from the CDC and different information from the state, as well as other successful programs from across the world, including Korea, to see how people have gathered in small groups to have successful Conservatory.”

But summer fun isn’t just for kids. For the adults, there’s Virtually Stage West– interesting and engaging programming you can enjoy from the comfort of your couch.

The Take 10 Virtual Reading Series features a bite-sized story performed by local artists. New videos are released every other week.

“Photocopy Love” by Alex Broun
“The First Fireworks” by Alex Broun
“A Pubic Hair by Johnny Depp” by Alex Broun
“Currency Press” by Alex Broun

And Tuesdays, Cafe Manager Pam Huie recreates favorite food and drinks from the Lobby Cafe, including Dana’s mom’s famous meatloaf which is wildly popular at the Lobby Cafe.

Quiche Lorraine
Pumpkin Black Bean Soup

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