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Step Into The Land Of Anonymity 16

Art Conspiracy – the group that conspires to bring artists and musicians together to raise money for small arts related non-profits – is back.

On Saturday, ArtCon Anonymous will feature collectible art made using only grayscale values. The idea is that if everyone’s work is in the same color palette, distinguishing aspects of each artist’s work will fade, and bring an air of anonymity to the room,  say Erica Felicella, executive director of Art Conspiracy. Thirty nine artists have contributed pieces.

As usual, the completed works will be auctioned. Bids start at $20. This year’s beneficiary will be announced on Saturday. Felicella wouldn’t give any hints as to who it might be. “We will remain very tight lipped until Saturday’s reveal, but I can tell you this: every year it is extraordinarily difficult to choose. All the non-profits that come our way are in need of funding.” Past beneficiaries include: Preservation LINK, Inc., Anita N. Martinez Ballet FolkloricoMy Possibilities and several others.   Art Con doesn’t just give grants, it builds relationships with its beneficiary, says Felicella.

It’s important for the artists and musicians to come together to bring awareness of non-profits that use art to solve problems in our community, says Felicella. “Art is more important than ever as it helps break down barriers, creates dialogue, gives a voice to the voiceless,” she says.

Artwork isn’t the only draw Saturday night. The collision of art and music is part of the ArtCon mission.  So SuperSonic Lips and Vodeo perform, and there’s a deejay set by Son of Stan.

A full list of the artist participating in Art Con ANONYMOUS can be found below:

Richard Patterson
Cabe Booth
Richard Ross
Abby Bagby
Kurt Griesbach
Rick Fontenot
Aralyn Griesbach
Clint Scism
Danny Rose
Can Turkyilmaz
Lisa Lindholm
Sierra Sintic
Hobbes Vincent
Pamela & Dylan Dowdy
Justin Clumpner
Diane Durant
Paxton Maroney
Haylee Ryan
Olivia Themudo
Mark Nelson
Sully Ridout
Alexa Mason
Shoby Modjarrad
Hatziel Flores
Tiffany McAnarney
Kristin Swenson
Taylor Effin Cleveland
Megan Van Groll
Brad Albright
Mike Arreaga
Brandon Pederson
Sean Springer
Jay Wilkinson
Julie McCullough
Lindsay Line
Iris/Eva Hughey/Semrad
Tramaine Townsend
Jin-Ya Huang
Courtney Miles