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The Big Deal: Cara Mia Theatre Company Presents “Blu” 28
Photo: Cara Mía Theatre

Photo: Cara Mía Theatre

Virginia Grise, a native Xicana (Chicana feminist) from San Antonio, penned “blu,” winner of the 2010 Yale Drama Series. Part spoken word, part hip hop, “blu” is an epic poem that unravels the story of a lesbian Xicana couple raising a family under the specter of gang warfare. As the hood pulses with music, poetry, sirens and helicopters, Soledad and her familia unearth their dreams and discover the collective mythology of the barrio.  When the children come of age and face their future, can they end the cycle of violence and “rewrite the myth”? Audience members shouldn’t be surprised that “blu” contains adult language and content. Enter for a chance to see Cara Mía Theatre’s production of “blu” at the Latino Cultural Center on Oct. 4 at 2:30 p.m.

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