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The Big Deal: Mr. Burns, A Post-Electric Play At Stage West 24


Mikaela Krantz, Caroline Dubberly, Jessica Cavanagh, Ian Ferguson in 'Mr. Burns" Photo: Buddy Myers

Mikaela Krantz, Caroline Dubberly, Jessica Cavanagh, Ian Ferguson in ‘Mr. Burns”
Photo: Buddy Myers

In a world  where everything you turn on is turned off? In a time when people have lost the network of systems responsible for delivering electricity? See the mayhem unleashed when the Fort Worth theater company, Stage West presents Mr. Burns, A Post-Electric Play. Observe how a group of mismatched strangers come together around a glowing campfire and with a crumbled society around  them, the group find inspiration in . . . an episode of The Simpsons. Could the pop culture of one era evolve into the mythology of another? Ay, caramba! The winner of this Big Deal will find out with a pair of tickets during the dark comedy’s run through Sept. 13.

Take the time now to sign up for our other Big Deal this week, tickets to Texas Ballet Theater’s production of Ben Stevenson’s Dracula at the AT&T Performing Arts Center.

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