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The Big Deal: The International Exhibition Of Sherlock Holmes At The Perot Museum of Nature And Science At Victory Park 15

BD sherlock holmes big

We have a special Art&Seek Jr. Big Deal this week for you. Can you guess what it is? Now, don’t cheat and look up and read the headline. I’ll give you a clue. Where can you take your young sleuths to solve a murder mystery in the safe confines of a museum? If you surmised The International Exhibition of Sherlock Holmes at the Perot Museum of Nature and Science at Victory Park you would be correct. But did you deduce we had a family pack of four tickets to giveaway? I thought so. Win this Big Deal and take your little detectives back to Victorian London to practice their deductive reasoning and learn investigative skills from the legendary detective, Sherlock Holmes.  The winning tickets are valid on weekends until May 10, when the exhibition mysteriously vanishes.

Don’t hang up your checkered cap yet? Take the time to study and observe our other Big Deals this week – tickets to see the Allegro Guitar Series Presents Virginia Luque in Fort Worth or in Dallas, or film passes to see Exhibition on Screen: Vincent van Gogh – A New Way of Seeing at Ridgmar 13 + Xtreme in Fort Worth, or Cinemark West Plano.

PLEASE NOTE: Only Art&Seek e-newsletter subscribers can win the Big Deal.  If you are not a subscriber take care of that first, then sign up below for a chance to sharpen and test your crime solving skills with tickets to The International Exhibition of Sherlock Holmes.

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