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‘These Photographers Were Special’: AfterImage Gallery Closes Its Doors After Nearly 50 Years 18

To really experience a photograph, it’s best to see it in person. After almost half a century, one of the last galleries in Dallas dedicated to photography has closed.

Ben Breard opened AfterImage Gallery in 1971, featuring internationally renowned photographers as well as up and coming artists.

But now the walls are bare.

There were a number of reasons Breard decided to close the gallery in May — a surgery, COVID-19, the venue changing owners.

Now, he’s operating the business from home.

Breard said his gallery’s had a website for over two decades, so selling photography online is nothing new for him.

“I’ve been online for so long. It’s not really all that challenging,” he said. “In fact, people out of town don’t notice any difference.”

But, he said he does miss being able to display photographs in a gallery setting.

“People say, ‘Oh everyone’s a photographer.’ But no, as soon as you came in the gallery you’d know that these photographers were special,” he said. “So, I miss showing that kind of thing to the world. Now I’ll have to be relegated to a computer screen.”

Not that he’s complaining. Breard said he likes being able to do what he loves, now from the comfort of home.

“I’m in my little command central up there with two computer screens and my printer, everything I need and work table and a nice view out the windows,” he said. “I’m enjoying it. It’s just quite nice.”