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What To Watch: ‘Never Goin’ Back’ 18

With everyone stuck at home, we’re offering suggestions for ways to pass the time. So I’ll be giving suggestions over the coming days (weeks?) for films made by North Texans. Up first: “Never Goin’ Back” from 2018.

It follows two high school dropouts who are just scraping by, primarily because these girls never let work get in the way of a good party. But when their rent money gets stolen, they’ve got to craft a plan to get it back.

As you might guess, these two aren’t geniuses and the fun comes in watching them dig deeper and deeper holes for themselves. If you liked last year’s “Booksmart,” you’ll definitely like this one, which is streaming on Amazon Prime.

And some of the scenery might look familiar. Dallas writer and director Augustine Frizzell shot the movie locally, so keep an eye out for locations you might recognize.

Before you check it out, take a listen to my conversation with Frizzell, which came on the heels of the film’s debut at the 2018 Sundance Film Festival. And if you like Frizzell’s style, she directed the pilot episode of HBO’s “Euphoria” — something else you might want to binge.