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Artist Spotlight: Dwell With Diginity Redesigns Lives For Those Emerging From Homelessness

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In an apartment inside a public housing complex, the sounds of drilling and women talking fill the space. Those women are working to get drapes hung and furniture built, because it’s their final day to whip this empty south Dallas apartment into a beautiful home for a single mother and her four children. “Terica, where did you get these drapes?” Lisa Robison asks. “They’re awesome!” Robison is an interior designer and the founder of Dwell with Dignity . She’s driving force behind the work these women are doing. “We do interiors for families who’ve been previously homeless,” Robison says. Dwell with Dignity started in 2009. In the beginning, it was only Robison and her friend Kim Turner. Now, the organization has a bevy of volunteers and recruits interior designers, like Terica Cunningham, to create living spaces that change lives. “This is very rewarding work, and it’s my job to work with families to ensure we create a place they want to live,” Cunningham says. Robison agrees. She says